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Never Look Away

A few years ago, I saw Robert Olen Butler speak on his writing process and tapping into our creativity. During this presentation, he said something that really stuck with me. Writer’s should never look away. I doubt he meant that … Continue reading

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E-Readers Make Terrible Doorstops (and other observations)

Once upon a time, I was an early adopter (I have the first generation iPod to prove it). Somewhere between when my trusty iBook died on me and the disappointment I experienced after buying a lemon VW with Nick Drake’s … Continue reading

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Phoenix Chapter 4

Chapter 4 The garage spit her out on a parallel street to her office building.  Grayness settled over downtown Chicago as the sun set behind the buildings.  The sidewalks were surprisingly empty for a late Friday afternoon, she guessed many … Continue reading

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Mama’s Got a New Theme

Blogs, like boyfriends, are a progression. You jump at the first one that shows you a bit of affection and dazzle you with a bit of shine, but then suddenly you realize – what was I thinking? Then, you move … Continue reading

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Phoenix – Chapter 3

The red glow of the exit sign lured Amanda with promise of escape.  She hesitated, staring back at the open glass waiting to see if anyone emerged.  The only movement was the current of fiery papers pushed out by the … Continue reading

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With Every Adverb I Kill, I Become a Better Writer

Sadly, this weekend was not a writing weekend for me, but rather a gardening weekend. (see: The Inconsistent Writer). I did use the time wisely. While planting 320 dwarf mondo grasses with the hubs (yes, 3-2-0, that is not a … Continue reading

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