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My Own Memorial Day

The end of May is a time of reflection for me. Not only do I take a moment to thank the veterans and those still serving our country, I think about the people in my life – both still with … Continue reading

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Writers beat themselves up. A lot. We’re a sadistic sort, spending hours alone at the keyboard, our families neglected, our gardens overgrown and our dogs unwalked. Not to mention the innocent but salt-in-the-wound comments like, “Can I buy your book … Continue reading

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I Don’t Wanna! You Can’t Make Me! (Why I’m taking a vacation from Querying)

Querying sucks. There’s no way to sugar coat that. No one told me it would be this bad. Like my mom friends who refuse to tell me all the gory details of pregnancy out of fear that I’ll never do … Continue reading

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Wanna Hear My Theme Song?

I’ve seen a lot of recent chatter in the writing community about listening to music while writing. It makes sense to do that, really. One art form fueling another. But, I wonder if while in the fictive dream do you … Continue reading

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It’s Kind to be Cruel (to your characters at least)

It is said time and time again that fiction is about being cruel to your characters. You must break them down, put them in the worst possible scenarios in order for them to grow and evolve. I’m working on my … Continue reading

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