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The Jerk

I always caution writers workshopping their MS against the knee-jerk reaction to please every critiquer. One person may say to take out this sentence. The next may say to beef it up. Another may suggest that a character is flat. … Continue reading

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I was drinking when I wrote this …

My boss and I have a little joke. When I have to write an article for her and I have writer’s block, I bring the work home and open up a bottle of wine. Also known as “creative juice.” She’ll … Continue reading

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An Epidural for Labor Day

That’s exactly what it felt like when I struck my writing vein today. What I knew would be a painful chapter to write – the capture of two of my main characters – turned out to not be as painful … Continue reading

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I got nuthin’

I am the world’s worst blogger. No really, I probably am. Total slacker here. I’m so much of a slacker that I couldn’t even think of anything to post. So, thought I’d just stop by, say hi. See what’s going … Continue reading

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