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Time is Not on My Side

Human beings are obsessed with time. We personify it – it either flies or crawls, but most often it marches on. We yearn to go back or forward. Time is either on our side or working against us. Time is … Continue reading

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I got nuthin’

I am the world’s worst blogger. No really, I probably am. Total slacker here. I’m so much of a slacker that I couldn’t even think of anything to post. So, thought I’d just stop by, say hi. See what’s going … Continue reading

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We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog …

I admit, I love my day job. I love the bustle, I love how I get to work on some really cool projects with a great team. The one down side is when my anal-retentiveness flares up and I work … Continue reading

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Agents are from Mars, Writers are from Venus

First off, this is not an anti-agent post. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. I want to try to understand agents – especially what they say in short and sometimes up for interpretation rejections. One of the best form rejections I … Continue reading

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