Meet The Crazy Yates

the-crazy-yates-customdesign-jayaheer2016-ereaderSometimes, being a writer is a lot like, well, eating. Except that we tend to be the kind of human who lives on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Like a lot of them. Morning, noon and night.

Don’t get me wrong, we love the PB&Js or else we wouldn’t be eating them. But every now and then, we need to try something new. That PB&J we live on suddenly isn’t making us hungry for the next sandwich. It’s just … well, there. And then we find ourselves craving something else … maybe a scrambled egg sandwich for example.

(Is anyone else getting hungry …?) Continue reading

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For the Win!

For the most part, writing is not a contact sport. You rarely see two authors duking it out. And if there is bad blood, an author would be more likely to create a character in the other author’s likeness and kill him off in a horrendously satisfying way (think of that as our version of a voodoo doll).winning-baby

Despite our gentle nature, authors need a win sometimes. Especially this one.

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Battling those Back to School/New Book Blues

Oh summer, we barely knew ya. Just as we were getting used to staying up late on a school night and have figured out the perfect antidote to beating snow-cone induced brain freeze, we start hearing that dreaded phrase … Back to School.BACK TO SCHOOL TIPS FOR AUTHORS

Authors go back to school in a sense. Each time we start a new story with new characters we feel a bit of that first-day-of-school apprehension. Continue reading

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Christmas in July | 5 Tips to Writing Out of Season

Oh the weather outside is delightful, and campfires are roasting hot dogs and s’mores.

That’s not how the song goes, right?

As authors, we find ourselves writing stories about places and times that are completely out of sync with where our bodies are sitting. Most of the time, we get so drawn into the fictive dream that we don’t even seem to notice that the dog is giving you “the look” and that the cat has knocked your perfectly stacked manuscript to the floor. Again.

But some stories are so dependent upon a seasonal spirit that you need a little outside assistance. Continue reading

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Watching TV is Good for Your Writing

You probably think that when writers aren’t writing, we’re eating, sleeping or thinking about  writing, or heck, even reading. But you know, we’re human. When our brains are done with output, we flip on the TV and veg just like everyone else. I bet some of us even binge on TV (because even an athlete has to dig into a bag of Cheetos every now and then).poltergeist-image

We shouldn’t feel guilty for consuming the entire bag if what we’re watching can help us with our writing. There are some really good shows out there now. So good in fact, that I call them “literary TV.” (I should trademark that or something)

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The Ides of March

Ahh … March 15. The Ides of March. For those of us who had to memorize Marc Anthony’s monologue from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, this is the day when the Roman leader was brutally murdered by those closest to him.juliuscaesar_510

“Friends, Romans, Countrymen … lend me your ear. I come to bury Caesar, not praise him …”

Yeah, I got that in my head, but don’t ask me where I parked today.

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The Muse Awakens

This morning, around 3:30 a.m., my Muse snuck back into the house. And, with the grace and agility of a drunk elephant she woke me with what I hope is the answer I’ve been searching for and wasting countless hours and words for. The magic fix to Pardon Falls.Drunk Elephant

I’ve not been shy about something not being exactly right with the manuscript. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it … like tasting a recipe and knowing it’s missing something, but not being able to define what.

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An (Almost) Love Letter to Scrivener

Dear Scrivener,

scrivener-512I want to love you. Truly, I do.

Like the cute guy who rescues kittens, knits with grannies and knows just how to tell me my butt looks big while simultaneously boosting my self-esteem … I love the concept of you, but in some ways I fear you might be a unicorn.
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My Obligatory New Year’s Post

January 2. Two days into 2016 and I haven’t managed to spill coffee on it or break anything. That’s a record.2016

Sitting down to write this, I looked back at last year’s New Year’s post … which wasn’t that hard because it seems I’ve largely forgotten about my blog and that was like, five posts back (bonus to being a slacker I guess).

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Point of No Return

In story structure, there’s a point when your characters cross the threshold. The moment when they can’t uninitiate the call to action, they can’t go back to the way life was, blissfully ignoring how their lives have changed. How their viewpoint has changed.no_going_back

It’s hard to tell the call to adventure, “Thanks but no thanks.”

This usually happens around Act 1 and while this is something that focuses on character development, it’s something that happens to authors as well.

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