Not Dead Yet

I have a fun problem to have and need some advice.

As I posted a few weeks ago, I’m taking a vacation from querying; mostly because I needed a break from the rejection, but also because I now think that my first novel is part of a trilogy. When I pitched it, I pitched it as standalone, so I’m using this summer to take a step back, see if I really do have more there and reevaluate my strategy.

The beauty of the break was no rejections, but today I got my first partial request in a while. It’s an agent I saw at a conference a couple of years ago and liked from a distance (saw her present, but didn’t meet her one-on-one) and I queried her about a year ago, when Phoenix was an only child.

So now I have this partial request for what I think is an outdated query. I don’t want to turn it down (while I’m vacationing, I’m not stupid) but should I tell her that I think this is part of something bigger, or should I just send in the first 50 and synopsis and if I’m so lucky as to have her ask for more, and then want to talk further … I’m not one to count all my chickens in one basket.

On the other hand, she might be more intrigued with the idea of a series. I haven’t done the research into pitching series yet so I don’t know if that’s more sought after or not.

So, what do you guys think? Tell about the possible new direction, or send her what she asked for?

About Kimberly Packard

Kimberly Packard is an award-winning author of women’s fiction. She began visiting her spot on the shelves at libraries and bookstores at a young age, gazing between the Os and the Qs. Kimberly received a degree in journalism from the University of North Texas, and has worked in public relations and communications for nearly 20 years. When she isn’t writing, she can be found rollerblading, doing a poor imitation of yoga or curled up with a book. She resides in North Texas with her husband Colby, Oliver the cat and a 75-pound lap dog named Charlie. Her debut novel, Phoenix, was awarded as Best General Fiction of 2013 by the Texas Association of Authors.
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6 Responses to Not Dead Yet

  1. I’d definitely send her what she’s asked for, but in your email feel free to mention that you’re working on this as part of a series. Let her make the decision. But always send what they ask!
    And congrats by the way!

    • Thanks, Susie! OK, good, I’ll mention that. If it’s not something they are looking for, then it isn’t. My expectation level is pretty low these days … 🙂

      • taureanw says:

        I agree with Susan. The worst I could see happening is that she only wants to pitch it as a stand-alone. Which means she is still interested in your current book. And just like a movie, if the book sells well you better believe they are going to want another book in the series!

  2. Frank Bishop says:

    Ride the wave, send it in. Nothing venture is nothing gained. Tell her that it is part of a series, because it is. Don’t sell something it isn’t.

  3. You guys are awesome – thank you!

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