Reading Room with Clover Autrey

Before authors started making stuff up, we were readers. To celebrate Independence Day (and Independent Authors Day!), I’m launching a new weekly feature – Reading Room – to celebrate our roots are readers. And, I’m excited that my friend Clover Autrey has agreed to be my first victim, er, guest.

The lovely Clover Autrey

The lovely Clover Autrey

Say hi to Clover …

Was there a moment when you decided to become an author?  If so, was there someone or something that sparked that?

I remember at a very young age, swinging outside on my grandparents’ large set while daydreaming and I had the sudden thought that being a writer would be the best job ever. That thought never left me. I still think it’s the greatest job ever.

Do you read when you write?  If so, does your writing influence the books you pick up?

I always read. Every day. But it’s the other way around for me, what I’m reading influences some of the things I write. Maybe it’s just a turn of a phrase that has nothing to do with what I’m writing, usually doesn’t, because I don’t read anything like what I write, but it will inspire me to do better or make sure that how I put down things is fresher and better. Simply make better work choices in stringing together a sentence. I’m always inspired by books in some way.

The publishing industry has experienced much change in the past few years, how do you think these changes impact the readers?

I’ve always considered people who read for enjoyment to be highly intelligent and intuitive. Opening the doors for more writers and books that otherwise wouldn’t have been given the chance to ever see the light of day has only given readers that many more choices. They’re smart. They can try new books and ferret out new writers that they love and dismiss the ones they don’t enjoy so much all on their own. It’s a great time to be a writer and a reader.

As an author, do you think you read differently now? If so, how?

Yes. The joy of falling into a great story will always be the same, but sometimes I can’t take my writer hat off and stop analyzing plot points, and seeds of foreshadowing, and metaphors used. I annoy myself when I can’t turn that off. Though with the really good books that just take me away, I’ll usually read twice, once as a reader and then again to soak in the brilliance and try to learn from it.

You have a table for four reservation and can invite three of your favorite authors (living or dead). Who would you invite and why?

Rob Thurman, mainly to see if she is as snarky and over-the-top hilarious as her characters. With what comes out of her imagination I can’t picture a shy and demure person, but with writers you never know.

Clover with Marjorie Liu and her sister Heather

Clover with Marjorie Liu and her sister Heather

Marjorie Liu. I actually met her once. She’s this beautiful, quiet, gracious, petite woman that has a fireball career with not only her books, but writing for gamers and X-Men Comics and her hand in who-knows-how-many-other-projects. I’d mostly like to talk to her about pacing. Her books tend to span a day at most, but the amount of things that happens in those short hours is phenomenal. I’m exhausted on behalf of her characters when she’s done with them.

Joss Whedon, because, well, he’s Joss Whedon. Brilliant. I’d probably be intimidated to even look at him. Except he has beautiful reddish hair so I’d have to.

LOL! I think we’d all like to meet Joss!

In a Word:

Typically better, book or movie?

Book. The books are always better. However, I like watching the movies after I’ve read the book because then I feel like I know secrets that others might not get. Sometimes if I know a movie is coming out, I’ll hurry and read the book first before going to see it. Never the other way around.

E-reader or paperback?

Both. It depends on where I am. At home, I tend to grab up the paperback of choice for that week, but when I’m out and stuck in the car or waiting in a doctor’s office, I pull out the eReader. I usually have 3 books I’m reading at a time so switching from one to another is no problem.

Favorite beach genre?

Hmmm, whichever book I happen to be reading is what I’ll take. Honestly, I rarely relax by the water by myself so reading is out. If I’m not playing, I’m gabbing with my friends and sisters so I don’t really get much beach reading in.

If you had time to read one more book in your life, which would you pick?

That is the cruelest question ever! I don’t even want to think about only having one more book to read. In fact, the only thing I feared about dying is all the new stories I’ll miss out on. That is, until I decided that I don’t care what anyone says about the afterlife, I’m coming back and haunting a library. Only one more book, who are you?

But if I have to answer it, I’d probably go back to one of my favorites either written by Rob Thurman or Nora Robert’s Sign of Seven trilogy. So what if I’ve read them a gadzillion times?

Sorry, Clover! I’m not always known for my niceness. 🙂

Highland Moon Sifter

Highland Moon Sifter

Thank you so much for being my first in this new weekly series. Clover just released the last book in her Highland Sorcery series, Highland Moon Sifter.

Bekah McRafferty has one goal. Travel back in time and kill the Moon Sifter Shaw Limont so that billions of the human race can survive.

Yep, that was the plan until she actually meets the Highlander. He’s not exactly the evil guy history made him out to be. Creator of monsters that nearly ate mankind to extinction? Well, maybe. Maybe not.

But now that she’s jumped into the 13th Century with the future of humanity depending on her to kill the guy she’s rapidly falling for, and with monsters on her tail, trying to stop her, what’s an assassin to do?

Highland Sorcery bundle anthology time travel historical romanceHighland Moon Sifter brings to a conclusion the 4-part series featuring the sibling guardians within the Highland Sorcery novels, featuring Toren, Edeen, Col, and Shaw Limont.

You can follow Clover Autrey on Twitter at @cloverautrey, her Web site, or Facebook page.

 About Clover:

Most sweeter romances today are classified as either Inspirationals or something pushed in the Young Adult category. But what’s out there for readers who don’t necessary want to read about religion or teenage angst, yet want all the trimmings of a love story—adventure, excitement, the budding draw of new love, adult situations and yes, some basic physical attraction—without having the characters go there?

Clover Autrey’s books have been referred to as “Romance in the Safety Zone.” The pages are chock full of adventure, attraction, fantasy and love, safe enough to read with your daughter or your grandmother, yet not so sweet it will put you in a sugar coma.

Inspired by her love of Louis L’Amour heroes, Clover (yeah, that’s her real name), packed up and moved to Texas where she found a real live Texan of her own. She’s been there ever since where she and Pat (who else would a Clover marry but a Patrick?) listen to the coyotes howl at the trains each evening.

About Kimberly Packard

Kimberly Packard is an award-winning author of women’s fiction. She began visiting her spot on the shelves at libraries and bookstores at a young age, gazing between the Os and the Qs. Kimberly received a degree in journalism from the University of North Texas, and has worked in public relations and communications for nearly 20 years. When she isn’t writing, she can be found rollerblading, doing a poor imitation of yoga or curled up with a book. She resides in North Texas with her husband Colby, Oliver the cat and a 75-pound lap dog named Charlie. Her debut novel, Phoenix, was awarded as Best General Fiction of 2013 by the Texas Association of Authors.
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