We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog …

When I get back, I have to get a jump on my writing

I admit, I love my day job. I love the bustle, I love how I get to work on some really cool projects with a great team. The one down side is when my anal-retentiveness flares up and I work long hours, leaving me too exhausted and stressed to write.

I’ve started working on the Grande Synopsis for the whole trilogy, so my goal is just to finish that before I leave for a two-week work trip to the other side of the planet (really!). I’m eager for this trip – heading to Australia, a place I’ve always wanted to go, and a chance to get a glass of wine with an old friend … we were 7th grade pen pals – but at the same time I’m apprehensive knowing that I have to leave my characters and story here so I can focus on my work.

I pray that the story will be here waiting for me when I get back. And, I look forward to my stress level ooching down a few notches so I can enter the fictive dream and not worry about what work is not being done. So, dear blogger friends, forgive me for my absence over the next few weeks. I haven’t abandoned you. I’ve just had to interrupt my fiction life for my real one.

How do you guys deal with life interruptions without losing grasp of your story?

About Kimberly Packard

Kimberly Packard is an award-winning author of women’s fiction. She began visiting her spot on the shelves at libraries and bookstores at a young age, gazing between the Os and the Qs. Kimberly received a degree in journalism from the University of North Texas, and has worked in public relations and communications for nearly 20 years. When she isn’t writing, she can be found rollerblading, doing a poor imitation of yoga or curled up with a book. She resides in North Texas with her husband Colby, Oliver the cat and a 75-pound lap dog named Charlie. Her debut novel, Phoenix, was awarded as Best General Fiction of 2013 by the Texas Association of Authors.
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5 Responses to We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog …

  1. taureanw says:

    I like to carry around a small little notebook or small voice recorder to keep track of different ideas or solutions to story problems I have.

    I’m a creature of habit so whenever I go on vacation or do something different it tends to spark my creativity. Naturally having a way to record that helps when I get back.

    Enjoy Australia, the wife & I want to make it there one day!!!

    • Thank you! I have a journal I bring with me everywhere, but I think I can also use the notes section of my phone if I have a moment of genius that strikes while I’m in the middle of an event … then again, knowing how busy we’ll be any moment of genius will be purely work related I’m sure.

      I plan to for a bit at least! I’ll send you some notes of cool places to do and see in Brisbane and Sydney. Cheers!

  2. Frank Bishop says:

    Pretty well what taureanw said, I carry a little notebook around. I write everything down when I can.

    The plane flight there should leave you with considerable time to get some writing in. I know when I fly to Mexico I have about 4 hours down time. Thus I break out the old thinking cap and park my ass somewhere and write.

    Have fun in Aussie land. Bring me back a didgeridoo.

    • It’s a 16 hour flight each way from DFW … hell, I could write the rest of the novel if I put my mind to it.

      For some reason the quote “Dingo ate my baby” keeps going through my head. It’s driving me nuts because I can’t remember what movie it’s from. Guess I could Google it …

  3. Sometimes, a vacation or a travel to another beautiful, exciting place renews that creative energy. Australia sounds like an amazing place to experience adventure and meeting new people. Have a safe journey. have fun. When you come back, it’s inspiration will just flow back because it’s already in you. Thank you for the information on Brewster county and the other side of Texas that I haven’t seen yet.

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